«Чудесный грузин». Так отозвался о Сталине в феврале 1913 года Ленин в письме Горькому.

Прошедший век. Наш век двадцатый.
Ты был в истории один.
И управлял страной распятой
Один чудеснейший грузин.

Он был чудесным поначалу.
Он пил вино и песни пел.
Но жизнь его ожесточала,
И он устроил беспредел.

И сколько бы мы не галдели
О демократии в мечтах,
Мы вышли из его шинели,
Что стала тесной нам в плечах.

Портняжки призванные ловко
Кроили серое сукно.
Но трудно шла перелицовка.
На то – суровое оно.

Свободней стали мы отчасти.
И стал уже смелее взгляд.
Но кто-то всё-таки за хлястик
Упорно тянет нас назад.

  • Лиахим

    Перевод песни РОНА — Тяжёлый век

    (The beginning of the twentieth century)
    The Russian people have lived, worked and dreamed of,
    Yes like in the song Талькова — someone with that,
    And Jewry, spitting, Karl Marx’s words,
    Making a bet on быдло, and his hands,
    Has robbed us of the Church and the power of the sovereign,
    Became the rule in the Kremlin Jewish mug.

    Destroyed a Jew working peasantry,
    The era of violence, atheism and drunkenness,
    And the Union of the Jews of the drunken degenerate
    He called the dictatorship of the proletariat.

    Those who could, continued to fight for the faith,
    It’s no wonder that we have for the great-grandchildren have become an example.
    Vrangel, Krasnov, Kolchak and Antonov,
    And true Russian people millions of…

    Died in a bitter war of White Guards,part of the
    Well as those, who are simpler, agreed with the new regime,
    Commissioner won in this bloody massacre,
    So the people believed пропоганде картавой

    (40th years of XX century)
    Seeing the blood on Russia drunkenness and degeneration
    Hitler picked up the troops, Hitler made a decision:
    «Let sacrifice a hundred white men,
    But will not face the threat from the Kremlin Jew!»

    Officer and soldier of the White Guard glorious,
    Respect the Germans your feat of the sovereign,
    Your white matter will continue to Germans,
    Executioners of the commissioners is waiting for Освенциум.

    But Kikes deceived and here our grandfathers,
    Sent beat to death, and that’s sort of victory,
    Only strange thing — he was white with white,
    As a Jew in the Kremlin stayed and remained whole.

    And as soon as the Berlin our grandfathers took,
    In Palestine there arose the state of Israel,
    Our hundreds perished when fighting,
    And they tell us that the Kikes most of all suffered.

    I don’t know what it thought Stalin,
    But it was in the same team with жидовней,
    And if for him to stand up and fight
    The people were deceived by Satan.

    (the 90th years of the XX century)
    The dictatorship of the tyrant was replaced by stagnation,
    Like socialism, no, let’s update!
    Of America gave Kikes command,
    To extinct Russia over two generations.

    And for us in the TV whores and gay,
    Sell our Rus ‘ oligarchs Jews,
    They drank the blood of the Communists, today their children,
    And Kobzon sings that in those, that when these!

    And there is a generation growing beer with popcorn,
    The TV only Jews and porn,
    Murdered in the basement of people Satanists,
    And you begin resent — called fascist!!!

    What kind of Russian fascism, have you forgotten?
    Your grandfathers fascists once broke!
    The truth is now grandfathers in poverty die,
    Not a problem, to democracy grandchildren walk.

    Trachtenberg, laughing, treats the mud,
    Young people are — and it becomes rubbish,
    In the heart of Russia cock build mosques,
    From abortion hundreds of deaths of white children!

    I appreciate the grandfather your awards fighting,
    I’m sorry, but the more I love my country,
    I want to return to the world in the forties,
    I want to Hitler won the war.

    I’m sorry, my grandfather, we were no longer blind,
    After defeating their saviors, we all live in captivity.
    I want to return the country in the forties,
    I want to Hitler won the war.